About Praxiom Risk Management | Tampa, FL Insurance:
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The Praxiom P.A.C.T. is comprised of the foundational values upon which we build our relationships



We deliver what we promise. “Promises Made. Promises Kept” is not just our tag line. It’s the foundation for how we conduct business. We measure our performance utilizing a formalized Risk Management Action Plan.

Practical Experience


We are highly experienced professional risk managers with a proven record of success. We have deep experience across a variety of industries in safety, claims management,  and insurance requirements/placement.

Actual Value


We are servants at heart. Each engagement is customized to the client’s specific risk exposures, risk tolerance, and loss history. We help our clients reduce their risk management expense.



We still believe in the fundamental honesty of our clients and our engagements are typically sealed with a handshake instead of a contract. Our clients appreciate our integrity and value our judgment.

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