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"What Gets Measured, Gets Done!” - Tom Peters


While this is a great quote, most companies do not practice this discipline with their current insurance and risk management programs. If you have never measured the performance of your insurance and risk management programs, or it has been quite some time since you have, Praxiom can provide you with a scoring tool to evaluate and measure your true happiness.


Click on this link to complete the Insurance Program Satisfaction Survey.

Completing a business income worksheet is an important part of any strategic risk management plan.  Sadly, the overwhelming majority of companies haven’t seen one, let alone completed one.  We promise this process is nowhere near as scary as oral surgery.  We made it very easy utilizing an online interactive guide.  As with most components of your risk management program, it is also extremely handy to have on hand in the event you would ever have a loss that interrupts your operations.  


Complete our Online Interactive Business Income Worksheet today.

Lower Your Worker's Compensation Rates


Has anyone ever told you how many days your company has to operate simply to pay for your Workers Compensation program?  Did you know that 60% of Worker's Compensation Mods are incorrect? Turn to Praxiom Risk Management to help you lower your worker's compensation mod.  A lower mod rate leads to lower premiums for your company.


Receive a complimentary worker's compensation mod audit by clicking HERE.

Worker's Compensation Mod Audit

Business Income Worksheet

Insurance  Program Satisfaction Survey

Avoid the "Gap Trap"


Failure to properly identify potential risks and recognize insurance coverage gaps can result in claims that are not covered which can threaten your business and your bottom line.  Unfortunately, many companies don’t discover these shortfalls until they become caught in the “Gap Trap.”  

Download The Top 21 Coverage Gaps

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Insurance Coverage Gaps

Have you seen your agent since renewal?  


Not to drop off policy binders and give you the proverbial slap on the back or insincere handshake.  It’s kind of disheartening when you contemplate the thousands of dollars that are paid in commissions each year.  Praxiom uses a 360 degree approach (RM 360) to assure that you can always answer this question in a positive way.  By staying engaged with our clients and prospects over the course of the entire year, engaging 360 degree accountability, we are able to execute pre-determined strategies and drive exceptional results.  


Download Praxiom’s RM 360

Risk Management 360

Claims Review


Praxiom’s claim professionals average 35 years of experience across all lines.  Not only do claims affect your bottom line, they affect the culture of your company.  If you have had a pesky claim that you can’t seem to close, it is time for Praxiom to review it on your behalf.  


CLICK HERE to receive the 5 questions you should be asking when a claim occurs.

Claims Review

It’s a scary but true fact that most companies have never taken the time to complete a thorough statement of values for their organization.  What’s scarier is that nearly every property insurance policy that is issued requires that a current statement of values is on file with the insurance company at all times.  While completing a statement of values may be a bit cumbersome the first time, we have the resources to guide you through the process.


Download Statement of Values Template

Statement of Values

What's the Plan?


Most companies equate risk management to insurance.  As a result, they continue down the same path to the commodity trap 90 days before renewal.  Hoping for the best they clutch to their “favorable pricing”.  There are so many clichés that come to mind: “Fail to plan, plan to fail”, “What gets measured gets done” and the list goes on.  The truth is at Praxiom, we tout Strategy, Execution & Results.  We do, in fact, plan.  We also measure, and we do it in real time.  


Through Praxiom’s Risk Management Action Plan, our clients never question their next steps.  Our clients are able to focus on their Total Cost of Risk (TCOR).  80% of a company’s TCOR occurs outside of the traditional 90 day bidding period.  As a result, Praxiom delivers a performance that exceeds our clients’ expectations.  


CLICK HERE to receive a complimentary Praxiom Risk Management Action Plan. 


Risk Management Action Plan

What are you promising others that is putting you at risk?  


Many times, contract review and risk management are not aligned.  Did you know that you may actually agree to something in a contract that is excluded from coverage in your insurance policy?   Many times, carriers have very specific appetites for things such as breach, warranty and remedy.  Praxiom offers a complimentary contract review.


CLICK HERE to allow Praxiom to review your current contract obligations.