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General Liability


It is the reality that your organization will face claims brought against it by third parties, customers, users of your products and members of the public who claim an injury. Commercial general liability insurance provides a way for you to manage this risk and account for it annually.

Product Contamination & Recall


Product Contamination and Product Recalls have become a pervasive problem. Whether the result of accidental contamination, manufacturing error, intentional criminal acts, vindictive employees or simple human error, organizations that fall victim to these incidents incur staggering costs.

What is the IQRM (Intelligence Quotient for Risk Management™)?


The IQRM™ is an innovative risk assessment and compliance tool designed to understand the risk and issues facing your company. It benchmarks performance against your company’s ideal industry standards & facilitates the design of risk control & mitigation strategies.

Discipline & Termination


In today’s legal and regulatory environment, your decisions to discipline, suspend, or terminate employees can expose your company to potential significant employment-related liabilities.

Professional Liability


Many professionals assume that their CGL insurance policy will provide the protection they need while rendering professional services, however most CGL Insurance policies contain broad professional liability exclusions as those exposures are meant to be separately insured.

Fleet Safety


A fleet risk management program is not complete unless it incorporates motor vehicle safety and FMCSA compliance procedures.

Workplace Discrimination


Organizations must incorporate employee diversity and inclusion into their business strategy and standard operating procedure and inculcate equal employment opportunity into their culture, values, and a workplace ethic.  

Claims Management



In today’s competitive and litigious claim climate, effective claims management is critical to your organization. Claims management is a process to efficiently manage the timely payment of claims and to restore losses.

 Substance Abuse


A company is required to provide a safe and healthy work environment for its employees, and a substance abuse program can mitigate any risk for your company or its employees.

Receive a Complimentary IQRM


Praxiom would like to offer your company a complimentary IQRM in one of the following subjects.  Please click on a subject below to register for your IQRM.


Workplace Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment causes increased absenteeism, higher medical expenses, and increased turnover.  Organizations should add to these costs, the adverse impact sexual harassment has on employee morale and employee relations, productivity and business competitiveness, customer, public, and stockholder relations, and the organization’s employment brand.

Business Continuity & Crisis Management


Every business needs a plan for surviving business disruptions. The goal is to minimize downtime which affects employees and your bottom line.

Cyber Liability


Every company should conduct an annual risk analysis to identify all its significant cyber risks. This should include an attempt to measure these potential risks in terms of frequency and severity.

Employment Practices Liability


Employment Practices claims are among the most costly and time-consuming losses facing businesses today. They present a serious risk to your business’ financial stability, good will and reputation.

Environmental Liability


Environmental liability losses are incurred through torts, contractual obligations, or violations of statutes. These categories are further complicated by the strict retroactive liability for clean-up costs under some environmental protection laws.

Pre-Employment Screening


Most likely, your organization has already set up some kind of a screening process, but how much do you really know about it? Do you understand what the search actually does, where it searches, what it looks for, and what the results contain?

Products Liability


In today’s world, it is no longer enough to rely on warranty reserves and claims policies to protect your business from allegedly unsafe products. Newly aggressive government agencies are demanding recalls and civil penalties for products which “could” create a risk of injury.

Recruitment Selection & Hiring


Laws, court decisions, and government enforcement have evolved to the point where virtually every facet of the recruitment, selection, and hiring process is examined and scrutinized.  Your organization’s legal exposure and potential liabilities occur whenever any of its processes eliminate or deny employment opportunities to an individual in a protected category.

Wage & Hour


Federal, state, and local wage and hour laws and regulations limit your organization’s decision making prerogatives and represent a significant financial risk.  


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Directors & Officers


Directors and Officers (D&O’s) have responsibilities by law to the corporations they serve, whether publicly traded, privately owned or not-for-profit. D&O’s need to mitigate risk for their personal financial well-being in case of litigation.

Workplace Safety


Safety in the workplace, including specific risk control techniques, is about protecting your organization’s most important asset – your employee.  By doing so, you improve productivity and performance, workplace culture and demonstrate a clear commitment to your staff that their safety and welfare is priority number one.  

Worker’s Compensation


The cost to your organization generated by an injured employee extends far beyond an increase in the workers’ compensation premium.  Your mod rate only measures your post claim “score”.  The IQRM will measure your company’s effectiveness in mitigating employee claims.

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